Welcome To Scenic Places!

Hello and welcome to this wonderful collection of photos and video from all over the United States. Some exciting changes are happening with this site. There is going to be a new emphasis showcasing some dramatic video of scenic places. Recently I purchased a new video camera that I carry with me while while trail running. The technology behind image stabilization has greatly improved to where I feel confident that I can share videos that will be "sick", but won't make you sick! Click Here to see what's it's like to run on the rugged Western States trail in the Sierra Nevada.

Here you can view photos of several U.S. National Parks and State Parks. Also included are pictures of lighthouses, beaches, canyons, select U.S. cities and wildlife.

In the next few weeks I am doing a total redesign of this site to make it more user-friendly with mobile devices. I hope to be be able to restore some of the maps and weather data below that are now missing.

Use the upper-left drop-down menu to visit these areas. They are organized by state and many have sublinks. There are links to 50 great places in Hawaii and California alone.

Enjoy these photos of the USA, and good luck in your travels! If you like this site please visit some of my sponsors on the right column.