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Iceberg Ahead!

Kenai Fjords National Park is an ever-changing landscape best seen by boat. Located at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula this national park is surrounded by glaciers and hosts a plethora of wildlife on land and in sea. Thankfully, global warming has not ended the show...yet. Beginning Mid-May as the temperature warms, visitors on tour-operated cruise boats embark from Seward, Alaska to Aialik Glacier located about 25 miles away. This glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in Kenai Fjords and it's surrounded by jagged snow-covered mountains. The elevation of these mountains surrounding Aialik Bay are about 4,000 feet.

The photos here are from a day cruise operated by Renown Tours, and we were happy to have chosen them. These tours are now being given by Major Marine Tours. Not sure if the business was sold, or is just a name change.

The boat had plenty of room, a nice lunch and got close enough to Aialik Glacier that we hear the large chunks of ice calving as they plunged into the bay. Renown Tours' guide also provided information about the park wildlife. Upon entering Resurrection Bay from Seward, it wasn't long before we noticed seals sunbathing on rocks near the shore.

To get to Kenai Fjords National Park tour boats must pass throught the rougher waters of the Gulf of Alaska on route to Aialik Bay. On this day it was relatively calm, but it wouldn't hurt to take some dramamine just in case. Just make sure you take it before you leave Seward. Anyway, having a bigger boat than some of the other operators, really made it a pleasant experience. Out in the open water of the Gulf of Alaska we were treated to a sighting of an Orca and that pleased the wildlife paparazzi, including this photographer. We are told whale sightings are common, but by late August they had already departed for their winter homes in Hawaii.


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