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Grand Display of Color

Words cannot express...Pictures can't do it justice...You have to see it to believe it. When you come to the edge of the Grand Canyon you feel you've entered a painting. It is close-yet far. Yes it is a mile deep, but distances here are difficult to gauge. At its widest the canyon is 15 miles across.

You could hike down to the Colorado River. But why would you want to? The best views are from above, and several viewpoints along the rim offer different perspectives. The sunlight and clouds continually paint different colors on the rock layers. Storms can pop up quickly in the distance and disappear just as rapidly.

Mather Point is very popular since it is near the south rim's entrance, and it has an outstanding view. For a good look at the river below, take the park bus west from here to Pima Point. Hike another 1.5 miles to Hermit's Rest and stop for snacks and refreshments before catching the bus back to your car.

Drive east along the park road for worthy views including Grandview Point, Moran Point and Desert View. Surprisingly there are crowds at these viewpoints during the slow season in early spring. But if you get up early for sunrise pictures you will have much of it to yourself and might be rewarded with outstanding photos of the Grand Canyon.

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