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Desert Treat in Arizona

There are some scenic places to go in Tucson that are worth seeing like Sabino Canyon, the Desert Museum and Old Tucson Studios, but for some great scenery that's free, head to the trails at Saguaro National Park. The park has two sections, one on the east side of Tucson and the other on the west.

Saguaro National Park's highlight is the thousands of gigantic saguaro cactus, some as tall as 60 feet. There is a good chance you'll spot wildlife or a colorful sunset if you stay late enough. I happened to be lucky enough to stumble upon a gila monster, jack rabbits and a snake. Try Douglas Spring trail on the west end for a chance encounter with Saguaro's wildlife. Just be sure to bring water and sunscreen. It was 104 degrees on my last hike there in September. But at least it's a dry heat!


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