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In the Vortex

Sedona, Arizona is well-known for its so-called vortex of energy. This scenic place in Central Arizona is supposedly a hot spot for spiralling earth energy that aids in self-awareness and healing. Something definitely strange is going on in this area of red buttes, mesas and spires.

True story: On this visit while hiking to famous Cathedral Rock for photos, I tripped on a rock while two ladies carried on a conversaton behind me. Feeling some pain and even more embarassment, I quickly stood up and dusted myself off. The ladies, probably in their fifties and wearing new-age jewelry, ran up to see if I was alright. Before even answering, they layed hands on my knee which I had smacked on a rock. I thanked them and continued my hike to Cathedral Rock. Soon noticing my knee no longer hurt, I delighted in the fact that I had a Sedona vortex experience, plus it felt nice that someone cared.

The afternoon got even stranger when I witnessed a young girl, about 10 years old, playing along the riverbank with her pet rat on a tiny hand-made raft. She had trained the rat to sit up on the raft and do tricks. Tethered to a rope, she gave it rides out in the river. This rat seemed to make a good pet for her, and the rat trusted she would bring it back to shore safely.

Yes, Sedona is a scenic place where you can take a pink jeep tour or get a massage. But sometimes it's best to embark alone on one of the fine trails just to see what the vortex brings.

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