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The Gibralter of the Pacific

Morro Bay is one of my favorite scenic places in all of California. Located near the city of San Luis Obispo, or SLO as the locals call it, Morro Bay is famous for it's large rock just offshore from the beach. It is an extinct volcano, rising 576 feet from the bay.

It is not only dangerous to climb Morro Rock, but illegal since it is a wildlife sanctury with nesting peregrine falcons. No matter, since the best photos are of the rock itself. This rock is so massive that it is still a dominant fixture in the landscape when observed from Montana de Oro several miles away along the California Coast. This rock is one of the most photographed along the U.S. Pacific Coast and is as breathtaking as Haystack Rock in Oregon. But Morro Rock is further from a major city, so many never get the chance to see it. Located half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Morro Bay is a must-see if taking the scenic drive on Highway 1.

Late Spring and Fall might be the best time of year to visit Morro Bay as the Summer brings more foggy conditions and rain is more likely in Winter. If you are driving to nearby Big Sur be sure to check Highway 1 road conditions for possible rock slides during Winter and Spring.


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