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Scenic Peninsula

The first thing you may notice when looking at these pictures is the different weather conditions. This is the same day! At Point Reyes, the weather can change suddenly. At the Point Reyes lighthouse dense fog and strong winds prevailed. Ten minutes and five miles later near Chimney Rock, there was sunshine. Many tourists arrive in shorts, but it may be 10 degrees cooler here than in nearby Olema or Inverness.

The drive to Point Reyes Lighthouse takes about two hours from San Francisco. It looks much closer on the map. After seeing the lighthouse, be sure to drive over to the parking lot for the Chimney Rock trailhead. After a 15-minute walk, the views looking west from the headlands trail are spectacular.

It's too cold and dangerous to swim at the beaches of Point Reyes, but it is beautiful place to observe the rough surf and colorful dunes.

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