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Mystic, Connecticut

The 1988 movie Mystic Pizza only received three stars out of five. Surprising since it featured Julia Roberts and it was Matt Damon's debut film. But the pizza at the Mystic, Connecticut restaurant made famous from the flick is worthy of at least four stars if you go by popularity.

You can try a slice in Mystic, Connectictut, which is a touristy town located halfway up the Atlantic Coast between New York and Boston. It can be a fun place to visit if you don't mind the usual tourist stuff like ice cream, t-shirts and weekend crowds. There are plenty of things to do in and around Mystic. The local website Mystic.org boasts the area has a maritime museum, an aquarium, casinos and over 60 "quaint shoppes". It's not spelled "shops", because they are quaint.

If anything, the town makes for a nice getaway between the hustle and bustle of large cities like New York and Boston. Just don't try driving there on I-95 on a summer weekend, as you'll never escape the people.

The famous bascule drawbridge is Mystic's signature and it's fun to watch the seaport activity on the water. For a great tour underwater visit the nearby Submarine Force Museum. It's about 9 miles northwest of Mystic, Connecticut. It's open every day except Tuesdays and some holidays, plus there is no admission fee. Now that's worth five stars.


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