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Pastel Perfect

Some people go to South Beach near Miami, Florida to work on their tan. Others go to shop and dine at great restaurants along Ocean Drive. But if you did neither, a trip to South Beach would still be an eyeful.

Young, beautiful fashion models can be seen strolling along the art deco setting. Retro hotels with pastel colors line the streets. And colorful lifeguard towers dot the beach. All providing visitors plenty of subject-matter for unique photos. The Kenneth Cole building is one of the newest designs in-line with the art deco theme. Palm trees actually grow through the structure.

Miami Beach's high standards do have a way of making one feel a little less rich or good-looking. There are luxury boats, cars and estate homes around every corner, and the young people spare no expense on the latest fashions.

It isn't difficult to find a tasty, reasonably-priced meal here. If you arrive early for dinner, many of the restaurants offer discounts on meals. The eaterys along Ocean Drive are "the place" to people-watch.

But if the whole scene makes you feel a little underpriviledged, just remember there are also homeless people around every corner. Well, maybe just one or two. :>)

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