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Waimea Bay
The best place on Oahu to watch a sunset is none other than Waimea Bay. Explosive waves wrap around golden skies during this hawaiian sunset.

But you don't have to wait for sunset to be in awe of this scenic place. Arrive early to shop at the local shops for beachwear, fresh island fruits or island gifts. There are great shops in the nearby town of Haleiwa. Later if you're brave enough, try bodysurfing at Waimea Bay. It's really more like getting body slammed with massive waves, rather than surfing. Some tips: Don't go alone and don't ever look away from the waves. Like dodgeball, you must remember to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. Bodysurfing is not a good idea before your flight home, as your sinuses will be a mess. It's better to leave this activity to the real professionals - the local hawaiians.

The real stars of the show on the North Shore are the surfers. They come to ride waves that often reach 25 feet during the winter season. Thousands gather at Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach and Pipeline to watch the masters surf. The best in the world live and ride daily in Hawai'i and it is a treat to watch the competions.

The drive to North Shore from Honolulu can be brutal. So to spend as little of your precious vacation time as possible trapped in traffic, you need to get arrive early. Another suggestion is to drive in from the windward side of Oahu after sightseeing areas like Kualoa Park Beach.

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