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Maine Destination - Acadia

Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in America. The largest granite mountains on the Atlantic Coast rise a short distance from colorful, rocky coastline. It's no wonder people want to live in this paradise. Thousands of homes lie adjacent to Acadia on Mount Desert Island. Lucky for them, as they have over a hundred miles of hiking trails to explore.

The first destination you should make is Cadillac Mountain. At an elevation of 1,530 feet, you could hike to the top from one of the trails beginning at sea level, but it's better to drive to the top and save your energy for other hikes. From Cadillac Mountain you have a panoramic view of the town of Bar Harbor and the cruise ships to the east. Looking west, you'll see many lakes sandwiched between the layers of mountains. The sunset photo is of Eagle Lake, the largest lake in Acadia National Park.

One of the most beautiful places in America is Jordan Pond. Located near the center of the park, the view from the restaurant on the southern end is unlike any other. At the far end are two rounded mountains called the Bubbles. The water here is crystal-clear and usually calm enough to explore by canoe or kayak. You can hike around Jordan Pond, but if you're limited on time, it may be better to drive about a mile north to the bubbles trailhead. There are two short hikes here to large boulders perched precariously on the edge of a cliff. The view is great here with Jordan Pond in the background.

What would Acadia be without a historic Maine lighthouse? And it has one of the finest at Bass Harbor. Located about 45 minutes southeast of Bar Harbor, this lighthouse is best seen in the morning light so your photos aren't backlit. Walk down the stairway from the left side of the parking lot for the best viewpoint. You can't really get a front photo of the lighthouse as it sits on a rocky cliff right on the ocean. One has to wonder how long the Bass Harbor Lighthouse will stand, as it faces Atlantic storms over time. Like the bubble rocks balancing on a cliff, nature and gravity will ultimately change this landscape.


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