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Gateway to the West

St. Louis, Missouri, located in the heart of the United States, has one of the most scenic landmarks in all of America. The Gateway Arch resides in a beautiful National Park sandwiched between the Mississipi River and downtown St. Louis. The arch, completed in 1965, rises 630 feet above the banks of the river and commemorates the westward expansion the United States. It is a marvel to observe from ground level.

The stainless steel arch glimmers as it bends upward, reflecting the colors of the sky and sun. When taking photographs there are several places in the 91-acre park to get great photos. Walking paths near the arch lead to many perspectives. These paths are tree-lined and provide plenty of shade if visiting on a hot summer day. On the north and south end are two large ponds where one can get a relection photo. Some of the best pictures can be taken from the west side of those ponds.

Many people are not aware of this, but you can take a tram ride inside the arch to the top. From the observation room there are great views looking west into downtown St. Louis. One has a birds-eye view of the St. Louis baseball stadium and the old courthouse building. To the east is the industrial area of East St. Louis, Illinois and sprawling farmland. Visitors are allowed to stay as long as they want. Hopefully you're not afraid of heights.


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