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Newport Lighthouses

Newport, Oregon is best known for its two historic lighthouses and the large multi-arched bridge known as the Yaquina Bay Bridge. You can walk across this concrete and steel bridge, but keep in mind the traffic is heavy and the walkway which is shared by pedestrians and cyclists is only 3 feet wide. If you can get over the roar of the traffic which is almost too close for comfort, the view from the bridge is great as you see the entire Newport harbor to the east and the beach to the west.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse at 93 feet tall is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon. This lighthouse was constructed after the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse was deemed inadequate to provide the navigation necessary for ships trying to reach safe harbor. There is a small admission to enter the Yaquina Head area. Both lighthouses are open to the public and have free tours.

In the morning, there is a guided tour at Yaquina Head every half-hour and limited to 15 people at a time. Later in the day it is self-guided. The rooms inside Yaquina Bay are interesting as they are furnished as it was during its short time of operation.

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