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Guadalupe Mountains

Perhaps no other mountain range in the United States captures the spirit of the rugged American West more than the Guadalupe Mountains. This national park is located 110 miles east of El Paso, Texas and 55 miles southwest of Carlsbad, New Mexico. It has 85 miles of trials, including a challenging one that reaches the summit of 8,749-foot Guadalupe Peak, the highest in Texas.

The photo of the old cafe was taken a few miles west from the park. West Texas had been getting record amounts of rainfall in the late summer of 2008, allowing me to capture a nice reflection photo of the Guadalupe Mountains from the nearby salt flats. Actually, a vast ocean once covered this area and portions of New Mexico.

This land was previously owned by Wallace Pratt, a petroleum geologist, and he later donated it to the National Park Service in 1959.


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