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Wonderfully Wild West Virginia

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia lies at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. This scenic setting in the Appalachian Mountains is best viewed from the Maryland side by hiking the Maryland Highlands trail. Allow about an hour to hike to the overlook. The trail is fairly steep, but worth the effort once you see the view high above Harpers Ferry.

It's best to do this hike in the morning when the light hits the town from the front. As you look down, you can watch the freight trains cross the tressel. You'll notice old pylons from a former track across the Shenandoah River. These old stone pylons now have trees growing on them.

In the town of Harpers Ferry there are plenty of opportunities for photos as you walk the brick streets. Some of the hillsides have stone walls. A church which fell victim to a fire lies in the town center. The town isn't overun by tourist shops. In fact, there aren't any upscale restaurants or galleries. Harpers Ferry is popular as a lot of tourists arrive on the weekends since it is only about an hour from the Washington, DC metro area. Many come here to learn of the civil war history as Harpers Ferry was once a vital outpost during that conflict. Nowadays, it's a recreation spot for hikers, kayak enthusiasts and photographers.

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